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Fly Fishing Guides Park City Report

Middle Provo River Fly Fishing Guide Report

The fishing has been very good.  The baetis hatch is in full swing and the fish are eating!  Fish are eating midges in size 20-26 and baetis in 18 and 20’s. Dry fly fishing is fair, look for a cloudy day for the blue wings to be more actively feeding on the surface.  Flies to use zebra in size 20 and 22 in dark colors, Iron Lotus in size 16, barrs in 16 and 18 and midge pupae in size 20 and 22.

Lower Provo River Fly Fishing Report Guide Report

The fishing has been consistently good from 10-4 pm.  The best fishing has been from 1-3 when the baetis hatch is going.  Fish sow bugs in the morning and midges.  The fish have been taking light colored sow in 20’s and midge larvae in size 18 in dark grey and black.  The dry fly fishing gets going around 1 and lasts until 4.  Fish size 18 and 16 traditional blue wing patterns with an emerger behind it, rs2 in an 18 is productive.  Fish 5x or 6x with the emerger they have been finicky with the emerger.  You are fine fishing 5 x on the dry fly.  Current flies being used by guides are the Iron Lotus in size 16, sows in size 18 and 20, rs2’s in size 18 and mac specials in size 20.  

Recap of what to do

Fish from 12-4 and catch fish!

This Park City Fly Fishing Guide Report 

Was written by Sloan Kettering a really good Provo River fly fishing guide.

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