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Guided Provo River Fly Fishing Trips

Trips Start at $270Half Day
  • Provo River Half Day Trips
  • Full Day Provo River Trips
  • Group Day Trips
  • D.I.Y. Trips

The Details

We meet you on the river, provide all the necessary gear (rod, reel, flies, waders and boots) except licenses. You don't need to do anything but dress appropriately for the weather. Our Simply Fly Fishing Utah guides will instruct you on how to go from start to finish. The trips are designed with the beginner in mind but also provide advanced techniques for those who are more seasoned.

1-Person $270

2-Person $375  

3-Person $475 

1- Person $440

2-Person $490

3-Person $570

This pricing is dependent on the size of the group.  With advanced notice we can get you in at a lower rate than most of our competitors.  Call us at 801.472.2260 to discuss details.  We service the Park City and surrounding areas.  We have some of the finest Utah fly fishing guides available to service your group needs.

You’re already going anyway… DIY (kinda)  option

1 person $140  (1.5 hours)

2 person $160  (1.5 hours)

3 person $200  (1.5 hours)

This a great trip option for those visiting Park City or a local who have all of their own gear and have a minimum of one year fly fishing experience. You’ve already planned to fish with a buddy on the Lower Provo but just need a little direction. We highly suggest you have an intermediate level of nymphing and dry fly experience.  This is not a beginner course but one that focuses on adding more to what you have in your fly fishing repertoire. This trip would be an hour and 30 minutes long.  If you don’t have any experience you would be just wasting money.  Meaning if you’ve never picked up a fly rod this trip option is not for you. We provide a crash course on river conditions, hatches, reading the water,fly selection, casting and line and leader construction ect.    It’s as if you just need a coach to put you in the game with the right plan.  What we provide is the clipboard with the game plan for the day.  You bring your own rod, reel, waders, boots, flies, tippet,leaders, weights ect.  We won’t provide any of the usual gear associated with a half/full day trips.  You’re in charge of bringing all necessary equipment required to fish for the day.  You may purchase custom flies tied for the Provo, directly from your instructor.  We’ll also provide a fishing map with details on where to fish.  After the short lesson you’ll then be on your way to fish by yourself.  If you have a certain section on the lower that you want to learn better this is a great way to get on the path to being a better fly fisherman.  Check out our friends at http://store.flyfishfood.com/ for ideas on where to get started on flies and other needs for your experience!

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Deposit and Cancellation Policy

All trips booked must put down 1/2 of the price of the trip if booked outside of 2 weeks.  If booked within two weeks of the trip, the full amount of the trip must be paid.  If cancelled before 7 days of your scheduled trip a full refund will be made.  If cancelled 3 days before you trip you forfeit your deposit or the paid in full amount.  Any forfeiture of deposits or paid in full  will then be credited to be used at a future date.

There are many Park City fly fishing guide services out there to choose from.  We thank you for booking with us! 

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Our Fly Fishing Guides from Park City consistently get clients in to nice Rainbow and Brown Trout.  Here is a picture of a fish caught fly fishing near Park City.  Park City boasts quite a few great fly fishing locations one of them in the world class Provo River.