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Provo River Utah Fly Fishing

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Thumbs down on this section of the Provo River

Lower Provo:  Flows are at winter flows around 100 cfs and will stay there probably until April.  This river is not fishing well at all!  If you do decide to fish the Provo concentrate on the deep slower runs.  Almost all of the fish will be huddled at the very bottom of the river.  There hasn’t been one major midge hatch in the last two weeks that I witnessed.  They are not really active at all.  I can’t remember such poor fishing on the Lower..EVER!  We are still catching fish but it is very few.  Really all the fish we are catching on the Rainbow Warrior in size 16 and 18.  Also try a squirmy worm in size 12 red.  Pass on this river until February when the river is usually better.  It has been a funky winter so who knows…

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One thumbs up for the middle Provo River

Middle Provo River:  From reports I’m hearing from other guides it’s fishing fair to good.  Again this river is at winter flows around 146 cfs and should stay there until April.  The fish will be concentrated in the deeper holes unless a good midge hatch occurs and they’ll move up in the water column to eat emerging midges.  Midges are the bugs you’ll focus on.  Cream colors in 18-20 are what’s  showing up in their stomachs. Lance Egan of the USA fly fishing team was using his frenchie pattern in size 16 to do fairly well recently.  You’ll want to size down to 5x or even 6x tippet.  Other flies to try are small thread body midges in size 20-26.  Colors that are most effect on this river are lighter/gray, jet black, cream (my first choice right now) dark brown and dark olive.  Be prepared to fight for water on the warmer 40 degree days.  Iv’e heard it’s been a zoo lately.  If you want good water try getting out around 9 am at the latest those parking lots fill up fast!  Good luck out there!

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